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There are many factors to consider when selecting a nursing home for a loved one. You want to select a reputable home and feel assured quality care will be given. There are hundreds of options available and it may seem daunting.

At the Blackman Legal Group our experience in assisting individuals with legal issues related to nursing home care has helped us understand you should look for when selecting a nursing home. There are many things to consider and it may seem overwhelming. To help you with the process we developed the worksheet below to help organize your evaluation of homes and to help you evaluate your needs to determine which nursing home is best suited for your particular situation. We also suggest you seek referrals from other people, such as your doctor, family, and friends.

You may also want to obtain published information from your state by contacting state programs or a State Ombudsmen. Make sure to check our Resources Page - we’ve included several sites with information that can help you choose the right nursing home.

Feel free to print the worksheet we provide and use it during your evaluation process. Bring the worksheet with you to the homes you evaluate it. Ask the nursing home staff for information such as the date of the last inspection, and note how forthcoming they are with the information. Take notes and keep going until you find the home that you believe will provide the best care given the particular circumstances of the care situation you face.