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Oakland, CA Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Pedestrian Accident Victims

One of the most common types of accidents is a pedestrian versus car, motorcycle, bicycle, truck, etc.  Pedestrians can be severely injured or killed.  At Blackman Legal Group the accident attorneys have substantial experience in representing the families / survivors when someone was run over and killed. Most pedestrian fatality accidents involve children and elderly persons.  Many pedestrian accidents and fatalities occur even as people are innocently walking across a street in a crosswalk.  Negligent drivers making right and left turns fail to see pedestrians in the crosswalk and cause serious injuries and deaths.

The majority of California trip/slip and fall cases are the result of someone’s negligence in providing safe conditions at a residential, public or private location. Failure to repair cracked or uneven sidewalks, torn carpeting and failure to clean up a water spill can result in injuries for slip and fall victims, including fractures, neck and back injuries, deep lacerations, and catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, limb loss and paralysis.

When hazardous conditions are ignored and result in a fall, victims have a right to seek legal help to recover compensation for their pain and suffering. If this has happened to you or a loved one, turn to the Oakland, CA personal injury lawyers at the Blackman Legal Group today to discuss your options in filing an accident claim and recovering the damages you rightfully deserve.



Blackman Legal Group

Oakland Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims of Trip and Fall Accidents, Slip and Fall Accidents, Elevator Accidents, and Deck Collapses


When it comes to proving a case for damages against a land owner for injury caused by a dangerous condition, the accident attorneys and BLG have been successfully trying cases to verdict (some in the millions) and settlement many other serious injury cases due to dangerous conditions.


For the land owner to be liable for injuries caused by a dangerous condition, likely to lead to a person being injured, he or she must either have caused the condition to exist, or having had reasonable notice of the condition carelessly failed to correct it, or clean it up.


People who suffer serious injuries due to falls commonly have substantial medical expenses, including hospital stays, surgery, and extended care, as well as lost time from work.  The breadwinner in a family who is rendered disabled from working due to an accident may have permanent disability and if so, the right to recover damages for future loss of earnings.


Mr. Blackman and Mr. Shapiro received a jury verdict in San Francisco for their 60 year old client who was disabled from an elevator accident, of $5.25 Million, later settled for $6.4 Million after the defendant appealed.  Because of that case the Appellate Court affirmed the non-delegable duty of the land owner to maintain his commercial property in a safe condition, and would not allow the owner to shift a portion of the responsibility onto an elevator maintenance company.


Because of their experience building failure cases, such as collapse of an exterior deck, and elevator accidents, the personal injury lawyers of Blackman Legal Group, in Oakland, CA, are ready to evaluate your potential case, and if acceptable, fight for you for an excellent settlement.


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