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If you have been injured in a deck collapse, whether you were hurt when the deck at your apartment or condominium broke apart, or you were one of many injured when a restaurant or other commercial deck fell down, you want an experienced lawyer to help you get full and fair compensation for all your losses. A deck collapse can result in serious and catastrophic injury. Even a fall of a single story can be devastating, resulting in broken bones,spinal cord injury or head / neck wounds. You want an attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases, someone who has successfully protected the rights of others injured in a deck collapse.

At Blackman Legal Group, we have dedicated our practice to the rights of personal injury victims since 1977. We combine knowledge and experience with meticulous preparation, carefully investigating every detail of your claim. We will fully explain the law and process, as well as your options and likelihood of success. As a result, our attorneys frequently settle personal injury claims at or above insurance policy limits, and we have obtained numerous judgments and recoveries in excess of $1 million.

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The owner of rental or commercial property has a duty to maintain the premises to protect the safety of visitors or tenants. This includes an obligation to inspect for unsafe conditions and to either fix any defects or properly warn potential users of the dangers present. This includes a responsibility to ensure that building materials have not rotted or disintegrated to the point that they pose a risk. It also requires the owner to take reasonable steps to verify that contractors and subcontractors have properly constructed decks and other similar structures.

Injuries suffered in a deck collapse can be serious and catastrophic. We handle all types of injury claims, from soft-tissue injuries such as contusions, strains or sprains to traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury, broken bones, paralysis, amputation or loss of limb. We will also represent you in a wrongful death claim resulting from a deck collapse.

Our attorneys handle all types of injury claims arising out of a tunnel collapse, from soft-tissue injuries, such as contusions, lacerations, sprains or muscle injury, to serious and catastrophic loss, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, paralysis, broken bones, and amputation or loss of limb. We will also represent you in an accidental or wrongful death claim related to a tunnel collapse.

We have successfully represented people injured in a deck collapse, including

  • a tenant renting a house in Discovery Bay who was injured when a second story wooden deck collapsed, landing on a hot tub. The plaintiff suffered injuries that ultimately prevented him from continuing his work as a cabinet maker. We settled the case for $500,000.
  • a young woman seriously injured when a deck at a casino and restaurant collapsed under the weight of 75 people. We took the case to a jury and won $750,000 for our client.

We handle all deck collapse injury claims on a contingent fee basis. We will only charge you attorney fees if we recover compensation for your losses.


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