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Many people who suffer back and spinal cord injuries are not paralyzed. Instead of losing feeling below the point of injury, as happens in paralysis, the injured person will suffer from radiating or shooting pain in the arms or legs, experience weakness or tingling in extremities, or lose control of limbs or bladder and bowel functions.

At Blackman Legal Group, our lawyers understand the impact of a spinal cord injury or back injury suffered in a car accident, fall or sporting event. We know that paralysis is not the only serious effect of an injury to the spine. Our 30 years of legal experience and more than 2000 spinal injury cases have helped us to identify with our spinal cord injury clients.

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Spinal surgery is needed immediately if a person loses control of limbs or body functions, in order to regain control. Surgery may also be necessary if weakness or numbness hinders mobility or causes falls. In most cases, spinal surgery is performed not just because of pain – though this is often an accompanying symptom – but because an individual is losing control or his or her own body.

When our firm takes on spinal cord and back injury claims, our injury lawyers seek full compensation to cover our clients’ damages and losses, such as past medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, attendant care, and possible future medical care and spinal surgery, which may include:

  • Discectomy: Removes a herniated disc from the spine and replaces the space with supportive hardware or bone grafts
  • Laminectomy: Removes part of a vertebrae to alleviate compression of the spinal cord, often performed along with spine fusion to provide stability
  • Spine fusion: Fuses one level of the spine (vertebrae) to the next, often performed after a disc is removed in a discectomy

When your spinal cord injury causes you to need spinal surgery – or even multiple spinal surgeries – to relieve pain or restore control of your body, we can make sure that the person who caused your injury is held accountable for your needs. We work with rehabilitation specialists, surgeons, treating physicians, medical illustrators and other medical experts to clearly show your injury and needs to a judge or jury.

If you want to talk with an experienced attorney about your need for spinal surgery to treat issues related to a spinal cord or back injury, contact Blackman Legal Group by e-mail. We serve injured people in California and we can help you get the compensation necessary for your spinal surgery. Call us toll-free at 1-866-692-8126.

We represent accident victims throughout California from our law offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento. Our experienced personal injury attorneys also serve injured out of state travelers who are hurt on vacation and Americans who are injured while traveling abroad.

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