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Following a traumatic brain injury, as well as spinal cord injury, or other catastrophic injury, such as loss of a limb, patients may find themselves in need of a wide variety of medical and therapeutic assistance. Here are some of the common type of doctors and therapists available:

  • Neurosurgeons - these doctors are specialists in traumatic brain injury and the types of surgery that may be needed to sustain life, or to avoid catastrophic results. They are the surgeons who operate on the brain to stop bleeding, remove tumors, or perform other delicate or complicated surgery
  • Neuropsychologists - through testing determine the types of cognitive deficits, and the extent to which they interfere with the patient’s abilities
  • Neurologist - medical doctor who diagnoses the extent of brain injury and may manage medications for treatment of head pain
  • Physiatrists - “rehab specialists” oversee the medical management in especially in severe injury and catastrophic injury cases
  • Consulting Physicians - specialist that address specific problems
  • Rehabilitation Nurses - to assit the patient to be able to help themselves
  • Care Coordinators or Case Managers - in severe cases, management is needed
  • Social Workers - help with patients to understand the nature of their problems and what services are available
  • Physical Therapists - help the patient work to restore function and mobility
  • Occupational Therapists - in severe cases, helping patient to cope with the trauma and distress related to the chronic problems or deficits
  • Speech Therapists or Speech / Language Pathologists - help patients to recover their ability to speak, or cope with neurological problems with speech resulting from a head injury
  • Recreation Specialists - help patients with severe restrictions find new ways to get exercise and relax through modified activities
  • Driver Rehabilitation Instructors - help patients who had lost their driving privileges due to a brain injury, but have recovered enough to be able to drive again, so that they can become licensed drivers once again

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