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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the general term referring to brain damage a person suffers from a sudden physical force or impact. TBIs range from mild to severe and can occur in a variety of instances. Brain injury attorneys at the Blackman Legal Group represent victims who have suffered moderate to severe traumatic brain injury due to an impact to the head, resulting from any number of causes.


Automobile accidents are the number one cause of TBI in people under the age of 75. In fact, automobile and motorcycle accidents account for half of all TBIs in a given year. Head injuries can result from collisions with heavier vehicles such as SUVs or semi-trucks, or from single-car collisions wherein the occupant is thrown from the vehicle. Vehicle rollovers, which can occur in top-heavy vehicles such as trucks, vans, and SUVs, are especially prone to causing TBI due to the propensity of the roof to crush when the vehicle rolls over, causing severe head trauma to the vehicle occupants.

When pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists collide with automobiles, the result is almost always disastrous. Due to their small size and the exposure of the operator, motorcycle riders are far more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident than the occupants of an automobile. Road defects or dangerous conditions can increase the likelihood of a single-bike accident, which can cause severe head trauma to even a helmeted rider. Bicyclists and pedestrians are subject to multiple catastrophic injuries if struck by an automobile, with brain injuries not unlikely when the person is thrown and liable to strike the pavement or another object with tremendous force.


Besides traffic accidents, blunt trauma to the skull can occur in any number of diverse settings. Construction sites contain heavy equipment, creating dangerous conditions that can lead to serious head injuries. While construction workers are issued protective equipment, bystanders passing through or coming near construction zones without protection are at the mercy of falling objects and other dangers. Structural collapses, elevator malfunctions, boating accidents and near drowning are also potential causes of brain injury. Birth trauma can also give rise to a TBI, occurring when a baby is deprived of oxygen (hypoxic injury) during a traumatic or mishandled delivery, causing life-long cognitive and motor impairments.

Attorneys at the Blackman Legal Group have tried cases across the country involving traumatic brain injuries resulting from a wide range of causes. Our lawyers understand how to help you obtain the recovery you deserve. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a traumatic brain injurycontact the Blackman Legal Group today for a free consultation.