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If you have been seriously injured because of the careless or negligent act of another person, and your accident has resulted in the amputation of a finger, hand, arm, toe, foot or leg, your life will never be the same. You may never work again or need extensive therapy or rehabilitation to learn to live without your limb, or to function with a prosthetic device. You will probably have substantial medical bills, some of which may not be covered by insurance. You want an attorney who understands the law and process governing personal injury claims, one who has successfully protected the rights of others in similar circumstances.

At Blackman Legal Group, we have focused our practice exclusively on personal injury for over 32 years. We have a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law, and combine our knowledge and experience with careful preparation, examining every aspect of your claim, so that we can identify all your options and help you maximize your recovery. Our attorneys have settled many personal injury claims at or above insurance policy limits, and have obtained numerous judgments and recoveries in excess of $1 million.

If you have suffered a personal injury resulting in amputation or loss of limb, contact Blackman Legal Group by e-mail or call our office at 415-585-5200 (toll-free at 866-692-8126). We provide a free case evaluation to all clients.


At Blackman Legal Group, we understand that amputation or loss of limb can result from a wide range of injuries and for many reasons. Though the initial injury may not seem life threatening, doctors may need to remove a finger, toe, arm or leg to stop the spread of disease or infection, or to prevent you from bleeding to death.

We also recognize that the injuries suffered as a result of amputation are not limited to the physical loss of a limb or digit. The emotional adjustment can often take years and require extensive psychotherapy or counseling. Adapting to the use of a prosthesis or the absence of a finger or toe can be a long and arduous process.


If you have been injured through the negligence of another, you have rights and deserve full compensation for your serious injury.Contact Blackman Legal Group to discuss your personal injury claim and how we can help. All initial consultations are free, and there is no attorneys’ fee unless the case is successfully resolved.

We represent accident victims throughout California from our law offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento, CA. If you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to handle your personal injury case, our lawyers are ready to help you. Call 866-692-8126 to arrange your free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Our attorneys handle all types of claims involving amputation or loss of limb, including cases involving

  • motor vehicle accidents. We represent people who have suffered serious injury in car, truck, motorcycle, passenger van, bus and public transit accidents.
  • train accidents. Our lawyers protect the rights of people who have lost a digit or limb in a train derailmentlight rail accidentor other train accident.
  • airplane crashes.
  • product liability claims. We represent people injured by dangerous or defective products, whether the negligence was in the design, manufacture or failure to provide proper product warnings.
  • construction site injuries. Our attorneys handle claims involving falling objects, falls, negligently operated or maintained equipment or machinery, poorly trained or supervised workers, and other construction site negligence.
  • negligently maintained property. We seek full and fair compensation for people who have lost a digit or limb because of poorly maintained property, including slippery floors or sidewalks, broken steps or stairways, or cracked / damaged pavement or asphalt.
  • amusement park accidents. We advocate for individuals who have suffered amputation because of injuries suffered at an amusement park.

Our lawyers take all cases involving amputation or loss of limb on a contingency basis. You will only pay attorney fees if we recover compensation for your injuries.


We offer a free case evaluation to people who have suffered an injury resulting in amputation or loss of limb. To schedule and appointment, contact us by e-mail or call our office toll-free at 866-692-8126. We maintain offices throughout California. To find the location nearest you, see our Office Locations page.